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Lateral Canthoplasty is one of the most prevalent eye surgeries lowering the outer corners of the eyes and thereby opening the eyes. As the eyes are one of the first things people notice on others, many women, but also men, desire larger, brighter eyes to gain a more sympathetic impression to others and feel better about themselves. Besides the popular double eyelid surgery, lateral Canthoplasty is another way to get a doll-like eye shape.

What is lateral Canthoplasty?

Lateral Canthoplasty, also called outer eyelid surgery, is a procedure that shapes the outer corner of the eye by changing the horizontal dimension of the eyes. The size of the eye is enlarged to have more access to the sclera, the white part of the eyeball. Lateral Canthoplasty is often combined with inner corner eyelid surgery called medical epicanthoplasty. Therefore it is considered to be a beneficial surgery for the correction of the eyelid.

Lateral Canthoplasty is not only an aesthetically pleasing cosmetic surgery but also useful to correct lower eyelid malposition, restore eyelid function, and protect the ocular surface.

What are the benefits of lateral Canthoplasty?

  • Lateral Canthoplasty increases the length of the eyes or can change the eye slant. Therefore more sclera is exposed making the eyes appear to be larger and brighter
  • Enhanced facial appearance 
  • Alteration of eye shape defects (restoring of eyelid function, correction of lower eyelid malposition, etc.)
  • There are a lot of techniques for how Lateral Canthoplasty can be done; therefore, it is a suitable procedure for almost every eye shape.

Lateral canthoplasty recovery time

After Lateral Canthoplasty, the patient can return to their daily lives within a few days, if not right away. Swelling around the eye area will appear but is gone within a month. After 5-7 days, stitches will be removed. The incision line can appear red for 2-3 months but will eventually blend with the skin color and fade away as if there never was one, leaving a natural result. There are going to be at least two post-operational check-ups with your doctor to ensure that there won’t be any scars or infections. 

Lateral Canthoplasty does not affect your actual eyeball or the muscles and nerves that aid vision.

It should be kept in mind that smoking and alcohol should not be consumed for at least a month. Contact lenses should also not be worn during the healing process.

Lateral Canthoplasty in Korea

Surgeries that involve the eyelids are the most popular in South Korea. Having big, beautiful, double eyelids eyes has become a beauty standard in Korea, even underage patients can undergo this plastic surgery

Such a popular trend has lead Korean surgeons to bring their operational skills to the utmost perfection. Lateral Canthoplasty in Korea is a cosmetic surgery that allows patients to achieve bright, smooth looking eyes. It is preferred to get rid of the so-called Mongolian fold (epicanthic fold).

Currently, there are four potential vectors of change possible (upper, lower, medial, and lateral). South Korea is the only country that most often utilizes the change in all four-vectors. This means South Korean surgeons are experts in the field of Lateral Canthoplasty. 

Lateral Canthoplasty before and after


In comparison, the patients’ Mongolian fold was removed thanks to Lateral Canthoplasty. The outer corners were vertically prolonged to make the eyes appear more prominent as more sclera is exposed. The eyes are more symmetrical after surgery.

The difference between the double eyelid surgery and Lateral Canthoplasty is that eyelid surgery alters the vertical dimensions of the eyes or the width of the eye between the upper and lower lid. Lateral Canthoplasty, on the other hand, affects the horizontal dimensions or the length of the eye by altering the outer corner of the eyes.

Undergoing Lateral Canthoplasty is primarily going to change the appearance of the outer eye area by lowering the outer tail of the eye.

If you are unsatisfied with your eye shape or eyesight Lateral Canthoplasty in Korea can be the right procedure. At Seoul Guide Medical, we are in contact with Koreas’ top surgeons. We will gladly assist you with consultation and more detailed information. 


For whom is lateral Canthoplasty most recommended?

Lateral Canthoplasty is appropriate for: ● Bulged eyes ● Patients with a short width between the eyes ● Patients who want to get rid of slanted eyes ● Patients who wish to have bigger eyes This procedure is not recommended for patients with more prominent cheeks or with sunken looking eyes.

Is Lateral Canthoplasty permanent?

Lateral Canthoplasty is a strong, effective procedure with long-lasting results. However, the procedure is not always permanent in all cases; therefore, other procedures such as blepharoplasty would be required. Important to mention is that during the healing process, if not careful, complications can influence the permanency of Lateral Canthoplasty.

Can lateral Canthoplasty change my overall look?

Mostly yes. The face in general and especially the eyes are the first thing people notice about others when meeting them. Since Lateral Canthoplasty opens up the eyes and gives them a bigger look, the overall impression of the face changes. The surgery can balance out the other facial features, or in case of previous slanted eyes, can give the face an overall softer, more refined look.

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