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Under-eye dark circles can be a source of nuisance to some people, as the eyes are often heavily considered as a relevant factor when we initially meet people. Your eyes can tell people how happy, sad, afraid, and even how tired you are. However, what if you have those things, they call under-eye dark circles? Do these under-eye circles make you look more tired than you are? Or do they make you look older?

There are currently hundreds of skincare methods and products meant for the eyes; from creams to oils, to serums. They offer to reduce, or even eliminate, under-eye dark circles and fine lines. Not all this skincare can give the desired results since most of the ingredients are not absorbed into the problem areas. There are also natural remedies that can be followed online.

But what if nothing happens to those pesky under-eye dark circles because medical issues and genetics cause it? What can you do to eliminate those dark circles? The answer? Go for the dark circle laser treatment.

What is the cause of dark circles, and how can you avoid them?

Under-eye dark circles have become a pesky problem for most of us adults because of the way it makes us look, tired and old. Living an adult life can make you very busy and make you miss lots of sleep. This often results in tiredness that can manifest itself in the eye area. But, what are other causes of dark circles? Does lack of sleep only cause them?

Correct, lack of proper sleep is one cause of dark circles under the eyes. However, other lifestyle causes of dark under-eye circles are:

  • High-stress levels.
  • Too much consumption of salty food that results in water retention, not only in that area, but often in the whole face.
  • Pigmentation, which can be caused by too much sun exposure, resulting in sun-damaged skin.

Dark under-eye circles caused by lifestyle activities can be remedied by natural products and by discontinuing the activity that causes it. On the other hand, medical and genetic causes of dark circles are as follows:

  • Heredity
  • Allergies
  • Tissue loss
  • Thinning skin because of age


With these causes, dark circles cannot be reversed without the help of clinical treatments.

Though there are a multitude of possible causes for dark under-eye circles, it is always imperative to self-care. Maintenance of the region below the eyes can easily be achieved with the appliance of a quality daily under-eye cream. Also, if you are a smoker, it is highly suggested that you stop the habit because it can worsen your under-eye situation. For women, especially those who use makeup, make sure that you remove all your make up thoroughly, particularly before bed. Do this as gently as possible since the skin around the eyes is thin and prone to stretching.

Who needs to have laser treatment for dark circles?

There are some people that no matter how stressed or how much lack of sleep they have, they never tend to get dark circles under their eyes. They are the lucky few. If you are not one of those lucky enough to have eyes that can survive sleepless nights, then maybe you are one of those who need the treatment for dark circles. The best candidates for laser treatments of dark circles are:

  • Those who are in excellent health condition.
  • Those who have realistic expectations of the results of the procedure.
  • Those who have seriously dark under eyes.
  • Those who have excessive fat under the eye area.
  • Those who always look dull because of the appearance of the dark circles.
  • Those who have problems hiding their dark circles even when using concealers or skincare.

Although, generally, anyone can undergo the treatment no matter what their skin type is, it is recommended that you get the procedure only when the need arises.

Is laser treatment for dark circles safe?

Before getting laser treatment for your dark circles, I know most of you will ask if it is safe since it involves the eye area. You can consider this procedure safe. A study in 2011, which was published in Dermatologic Surgery, states that researchers found that lasers that operated at a low frequency were entirely guarded yet effective in treating dark under-eye circles.

How much is laser treatment for dark circles in Korea?

In Korea, plastic surgery is generally widespread. Therefore, clinics often compete for who can bring the highest quality while offering the lowest price. Because of this, you can find some of the lowest dark circle laser treatment prices in the world right here in Korea. To be exact, a procedure will cost around USD 2,500- USD 4,500.

Is there a surgery to remove dark circles under the eyes permanently?

Yes, there is a surgery meant to remove dark circles. This is a reminder that if you were to opt for surgery, it would become invasive, and therefore the risks and recovery time would increase. Laser treatments, on the other hand, are a non-surgical approach to treat the dark circles under the eyes, but they may require several sessions to achieve the desired result.

There are two surgical procedure options for addressing the dark circles under the eyes. First is fat repositioning, while second you have fat removal procedures. Both processes will give you the same results. Different methods are used and highlighted below.

  1. Fat removal

This procedure is recommended to those who have too much fat protruding under their eyes. When there is too much fat that cannot be altered by the fat repositioning procedure, surgeons would recommend this treatment to remove the excess fat.

  1. Fat repositioning

On the other hand, fat repositioning is recommended to those who have a flat looking profile and those who want to have more of that “Aegyosal” appearance, or a more prominent under-eye skin layer. Fat repositioning is quite self-explanatory as it repositions the fats and muscles of the eye upward to get rid of the dark under-eye circles.

These procedures only require 30 minutes to finish and use twilight anesthesia. The recovery time is within 1-2 weeks, while the full recovery will take about 4-6 months.

There are several causes of dark under-eye circles as we’ve discussed in this article from lifestyle, to genetics, to underlying medical issues. There are ways to avoid dark circles, but there are also causes natural remedies cannot directly cure. It is a massive benefit that there are two possible treatment options.

Since not all people would want to have surgery, especially since the eyes are considered as one of the delicate parts of the body, a non-invasive procedure is quite relieving. Given that the treatment itself is safe, the location where you undergo the procedure should be another thing to consider.

Not all clinics can produce the best results. In this case, it is highly suggested that you pick to have your treatment in South Korea. Not only do they have experts performing the procedure, but it is also where you can find the lowest prices. You will have the same guaranteed results as the most expensive clinics in other parts of the world.

This treatment is one of the most common availed procedures in Korea as well as in other countries. If you think that this treatment is for you, never hesitate to book a consultation at the clinic of your choice. If this is your first time visiting a clinic, you don’t need to worry. The staff and doctors will help you in getting your eye area to shine again.

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