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Have you been struggling with a problem area on your face or body that seems to retain any excess fat? Or, are you one of those people that no matter how much exercise you do, your face stays the same way; chubby and rounded. It does not match your weight and body shape, even when resorting to exercise for weight loss.

There are times that you find yourself frantically searching online for remedies to get rid of the fats in your face, especially in your neck and chin areas. You have found that none of those tips and solutions work for you. Worry no more because, with today’s innovations in the beauty industry, you can quickly get rid of those stubborn fats from your face and neck through Fat Dissolving Injections. If you are searching for a remedy for excess fat, but are hesitant about an invasive procedure, keep on reading.

What is Fat Dissolving Injections?

Fat Dissolving Injections are also known by the terms non-surgical chin lift and contouring. They are a non-invasive treatment, as opposed to the surgical procedure of liposuction, that reduces small fat deposits. Official terms to refer to this treatment could also be injection lipolysis, with the trademark Lipodissolve. The first injection to be approved by the FDA in 2015 is called Kybella (sometimes Belkyra) which consists of the deoxycholic acid, a compound that dissolves fat and is naturally produced by the body. The popularity of these fat dissolving injections has increased over the years in a lot of countries.   This treatment, contrary to what people may think, is not only for the face area, but can also be administered to other body parts such as the knees, ankles, hips, thighs, upper arms, and even male breasts. 

Safety of the injection

Just like any clinical procedure, fat dissolving injection treatment also has its risks if not administered by an expert. According to Mr. Arturo Almeida and his research on how this procedure has trended, fat dissolving injections once decreased in demand.

This was due to adverse effects and lack of proof on its safety. However, because of further research and tweaks on its formulation, as well as approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it’s popularity and demand has begun to increase over the recent years steeply.

Also, according to Dr. Barbara Strum’s, the risks in using fat dissolving injections to address excess fat are much lower as compared to liposuction. The lack of risks may be due to the fact that it does not require a surgical procedure.

Cost of injections

cheekbone surgery

Next thing you would ask, I know, would be the cost of this treatment. If you have a more extensive budget, you can opt for Kybella, Kabelline or Lipo Lab. These are the registered brands for fat-melting injections that are made specifically for the excess fat beneath the chin.

Fat dissolving treatment costs usually range between $1200-$1800 per session. Although other clinics may charge $300-$800, there are quite a variety of factors that cause the prize to vary — the main factor being the quality of the doctors work and the quality of the injection.

Cheaper does not always equate to better, particularly in the plastic surgery world. It may also depend on the size of the treatment area, the number of sessions, geographic location, and the doctor’s fee. No matter the cost of the treatment, you should always make sure that an expert is doing the procedure with reputable experience and credentials.


You may imagine that getting injection lipolysis might give your face a swollen, deformed, and potentially irritated appearance. The good news is that is not the case for this treatment. The treatment does not particularly need anesthesia, but the doctor can give it to the patient if the patient prefers.

Most doctors will numb the area with an ice pack in the area that will be injected to numb it. Then, they will draw a grid pattern on the area of the treatment. This same pattern will be their guide when injecting the treatment. The procedure may be painful, depending on a person’s tolerance to pain.

Results and recovery

One of the upsides about Fat Dissolving Injection is that it does not have any significant downtime for recovery. Although redness, swelling, and pain may be felt in the area where the procedure was done, it is only standard and will heal in a matter of time. It takes around 6 to 8 weeks to see the results, and the effects of the treatment can last for an extensive amount of time, given that the patient does not gain weight.  


Benefits of Fat Dissolving Injection

Fat Dissolving injections have benefits not only appearance-wise, but also to your overall health physically, mentally, and even financially. Fat-dissolving injections can increase your confidence because they make you satisfied with how you look. Another benefit is that they are gentle and non-invasive.

The gentleness of the procedure allows the body to function as usual. In fact, the injections aid in producing collagen, thus making the injected area hear quickly and look natural. This treatment would require several sessions for the best results to take place. In this case, compared to surgical lipolysis, fat dissolving injections cost much less and may even only require two sessions depending on the amount of fat being eliminated.

Overall, fat dissolving injections can help in achieving your goals when it comes to your appearance with less invasive treatment. It does not require any significant downtime and allows you to go on with your day to day routine. Fat-dissolving injections are the complete beauty package for someone aspiring to get rid of that excess fat that diet nor exercise could ever fix.

Not only does this treatment give you good long-lasting results, but it is also proven to be safe. As compared to conventional liposuction, injection lipolysis is much less risky. It is a fast procedure with great results that will benefit your well-being. The cost of this procedure may vary from one patient to another. Remember, this may be because of factors such as location, doctor’s fees, sessions needed, and size of the area to be treated, to name a few.

If you are feeling more confident in your understanding of all the procedure details, feel free to reach out to us about getting your free consultation at any of our clinics. If you have any remaining concerns, call your dermatologist or local aesthetic clinic so that they can help you move forward with your beauty goals. Always remember to make sure that this procedure is performed by someone reputable.

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