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There are times we feel insecure about your face especially its shape in the jaw area. Some faces are too round, some too angular, others too long, and a few uneven ones.

Don’t we all dream of having the perfect shaped face with a smooth facial line? This is particularly difficult to achieve since face shapes are mostly defined by the jaw bone and bone shapes cannot be remedied by using skincare and other natural methods. If you often find yourself being insecure of your face shape especially your jaw line, then jaw surgery might be for you.

Types of jaw surgery

There are two types of jaw surgery that are common in fixing abnormalities of the jaw bone. These procedures are done when the problem is with the bone structure of the face and cannot be fixed by fillers and Botox. Jaw surgery is considered as a major surgery and even a high level one because the surgeon works near the nerve system that can be found in the neck area

Double jaw surgery

The double jaw surgery or also known as the two-jaw surgery or bi-maxillary osteotomy. This type of jaw surgery is a form of corrective surgery which involves both the upper and lower jaw.

This is for the purpose of correcting the jaw aesthetically and functionally through reshaping, resizing, and repositioning to the normal form. Individuals who are qualified for this procedure are those with protruding mouth, deformities of the jaw, asymmetric face and those that have abnormal bites that braces cannot correct.

Jaw reduction

This type of jaw surgery is considered to be a facial contouring procedure which is  done in order to smoothen the patient’s jaw line. It involves the trimming of some parts of the jaw bone in order to achieve the smooth and slim jawline that can make a person look younger.

People who usually receive this surgery are those with uneven face shape and those with square jaws.

Jaw Surgery Procedure

Before you have the procedure, the surgeon will be doing some assessment and tests which will help him determine which type of jaw surgery that applies to your case.

The surgeon will decide which of the two procedures will be used. Before the start of either procedure, general anesthesia will be administered to put the patient to sleep;

orthognathic surgery procedure

  • Double jaw surgery procedure

Double jaw surgery involves intra oral incision but in some cases can also require dermal incision. The surgery involves LeFort I Osteotomy which is the procedure that is used in the cutting of upper jaw bones and vertical osteotomy for lower jaw bones;

    1. Open bite; the surgeon removes a part of the bone in the upper jaw and moves it to the proper position. Once the bones are aligned, plates and screws are used to secure the bone in place.
    2. Mandibular setback; the tooth bare part at the back of the lower jaw is removed and the lower jaw bone is moved back in order for it to be in proper alignment. Screws and plates are then inserted to keep the bone in place.
    3. Mandibular advancement; the tooth bare part of the lower jaw is cut and the rest of the lower jaw bone is moved forward until it reaches the proper alignment. Then screws and plates are put in place to secure the bones in the proper place.
  • Jaw reduction surgery Procedure

    1. The surgeon first assesses the bone structure and design the outcome of the procedure
    2. The jaw bone at the back of the ear until the front jaw bone is cut
    3. The bone is removed and if necessary resection is done
    4. The skin and muscles are pulled to prevent sagging
    5. The jaw area is sutured and bandaged for recovery

Recovery from the jaw reduction surgery

 Recovery time for the jaw surgery depends on which surgery the patient has undergone. General anesthesia is commonly used before the treatment. The duration of the surgery depends on the type of jaw surgery done, but can range from 2-4 hours.

Some patients may be required to stay in the hospital for at most 4 days for added treatment especially if the patient underwent the double jaw surgery. Bruise and swelling may last for weeks and will begin to look normal in 3-4 weeks’ time.

Jaw Surgery in Korea - Before and after

  • Double jaw surgery before and after

This procedure shows noticeable changes and improvement on the jaw line and even the whole face. It also brings great improvement not only in appearance but also in the functionality of the jaw.

  • Jaw reduction surgery before and after

Jaw reduction is the procedure done to those who have an angular jaw which is brought about by a genetically large jaw bone or a well-developed masseter muscle also known as the muscle used for chewing. If the bone is the reason for a wide jaw then this procedure is required. As you can see in the picture, the result of the surgery gives the face that famous Asian jawline.

Jaw Surgery Cost

Given the risk of jaw surgery, it is just obvious that these types of surgery will cost you a lot. However, if you have the surgery in South Korea, you will be able to save so much as compared to when you have it in the US. To give you an estimate, the average cost of contouring surgery in the US is around USD $9,500 while in South Korea it is a bit cheaper than that.

Please contact Seoul Guide Medical for a free online consultation. During the consultation, you can get the prices for your jaw surgery in South Korea.


jaw surgery, with its two types, namely the double jaw surgery and the jaw reduction surgery are meant for individuals who have uneven face shape, deformities, angular face, and abnormal bites. The procedure may be painful and can take month and even a year to completely heal, but the benefits can reap beneficial results to the patient.

Jaw surgery can be beneficial in a lot of ways to those you have issues with their upper and lower jaw because through the surgery, the appearance is not only enhanced but the functionality of the jaw is fixed as well. This is quite important since the jaw’s uses are first and foremost for eating. Jaw surgery can also be of help in maintaining proper oral care for the reason that uneven jaw bites can result to dental problems.

The results of the jaw surgery display a clear and noticeable result in the before and after pictures thus, proving that no matter how complicated, risky, and painful the operation may be, it still delivers the required results.

With regards to the cost of the procedure, results are still guaranteed to be delivered exactly the way the patient expected it to be even though the surgery costs much less when performed in South Korea as compared to the prices in the US. So, what are you waiting for? If you think that you are a candidate for this surgery, book a consultation and have your surgeon customize a design and surgery plan just for you.

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