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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is generally referred to as a ‘nose job’ . Nose plastic surgery procedure aims to correct any anatomical issues with your nose that may be causing you to distress physically, or simply reducing the quality of your everyday life. Some patients opt to get this procedure to correct underlying issues, such as breathing problems. Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly more common to get Rhinoplasty for a more aesthetic appearance to your facial features.

Why should you get your Rhinoplasty procedure in South Korea?

South Korea has recently become the capital of plastic surgery due to its reputable doctors and extremely low prices. There are also services such as free online consultations or over the phone consultations so that there can be a plan set for you before you ever step foot in the country. This can really alleviate a lot of the stress of getting procedures done abroad, as no one wants to waste their time or money visiting foreign clinics and come back home empty-handed and with the same nose.

But I don’t speak Korean?

Don’t worry! Most of the staff at clinics in Korea should have a basic level of English, and more often than not, the doctors got their degrees in an English speaking country, so their English is quite sharp. A commodity that is popping up in many clinics as of lately as well is having in-clinic consultants that speak both Korean and English (and oftentimes another language).

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These are life-savers for many patients, as often a fear of getting a procedure done in a foreign clinic is having miscommunications and not being able to receive the exact results desired. It’s also comforting to have someone make sense of everything happening around you and answer any questions you may have directly. They pretty much hold your hand through-out the whole process so you have no doubts or concerns whatsoever from the first step to the last.

Is there only one kind of Rhinoplasty? Which procedure is best for me?

Luckily, there is a form of Rhinoplasty for just about any issue you might have with your nose. Most surgeries can be divided into two types: closed or open.


Types of Nose Plastic Surgery

two types of nose plastic surgery in Korea

  • Closed Surgery

This procedure is often used for more minimally invasive forms of Rhinoplasty. The doctor would make their incision inside the nose.

  • Open Surgery

This procedure is used more so for extensive or combined Rhinoplasty procedures. This is also usually used for revision cases.

The doctor will let you know which of the two they find more appropriate for your specific treatment plan. There are quite a few specific options to adjust the nose to get the ideal shape you desire as well. Some of the most common procedures you will probably find are:


This mostly consists of fixing the bridge of the nose. It focuses on adjusting the width and support of the bridge, but it often is used with hump reduction and deviation correction since all of the procedures work to fix the bridge of the nose.


As you probably guessed, this addresses any issues that you may have with the tip of the nose. This can range from lifting, lowering, to creating a whole new tip if necessary.

This can be important when performing on the bridge of the nose as often the tip will sag after surgery due to changing the main support of your nose (the bridge), so initially getting it with your other procedures helps to maintain a strong nose with long-lasting results.

Hump Reduction

For Hump Reduction procedure, the focal point would be the hump, or ‘bump’, that some noses have when looking at them from the side. Most of these procedures will shave the hump down to allow you to have a smoother nose.

Deviation Correction

Often breathing issues can arise from having a deviated, or not straight nose. Just as often, most people feel the nose is asymmetrical and does not match their face well so they choose to correct this issue. This surgery corrects any curve the nose might have looking at it straight on.

Will Rhinoplasty give you scars?

This depends entirely on the kind of procedure you get (open or closed), but mostly the answer will be no. As mentioned above, closed surgery works entirely from the inside of the nose, so no scar will be visible.

As for open surgery, there may be a scar left at the beginning of the septal wall, but it will be so minuscule and faded in color by the time the full results are seen that it would be quite difficult for anyone to notice it. For more extensive or corrective procedures the scarring may vary.

How long will it take to see the results?

On average, the stitching and any casts will be removed about a week after surgery. This means that you would have to stay in South Korea for a minimum of a week or so, so your doctor may remove your stitches and have check-ups on you. You should consider this if you are a busy person and taking time off will be an issue.

The good news is, a lot of holidays in foreign countries don’t overlap with the ones here, so the clinics will most likely be open for them. Almost all patients will have bruising and swelling for the consecutive weeks following the removal of the stitching. About 3-4 weeks post-op the bruising should have faded and the swelling should have decreased some.

Expect to see your new nose as it truly is around 3-6 months after your Rhinoplasty procedure, as all swelling should have disappeared by then.

What is the average price for Rhinoplasty in South Korea?

This is often the driving point in many people’s decisions on where to get their procedure. The good news, the prices favor the patient here in South Korea. The range can vary depending on if you are having corrective surgery or if this is your first Rhinoplasty procedure, and if you are having more than one procedure done simultaneously.

On average, the prices fall between $2000-$4000 for a simple operation. If you are having multiple operations at once expect the figure to increase to around $6000-$10000. This is quite impressive in comparison to average prices in the United States and many other countries. In other countries, you can expect $5000-$10000 to be the standard price for a first time, simple operation.

Are there alternative procedures if I don’t want to have surgery?

nose fillers alternative method for nose job

Having a concern about getting surgery is an entirely normal thing to have. Most people with this fear are concerned about having their face botched, but some may even be afraid of something as simple as going under anesthesia. If you find yourself with these concerns, an option that may seem more appealing to you would be fillers.

These fillers are not permanent, but most will last from 6 months to 1 year. If you are not satisfied with your final results you can get touch-ups, or completely dissolve the filler and have your old nose back. This is also a good way to test if the nose you have always dreamed of really suits your face prior to making a more permanent decision.

All in all, Rhinoplasty in South Korea is one of the more routine procedures with minimal risk of something going wrong. The prices are competitive and worth having a second thought about. Not to mention the delicious food in this country you can sample while you’re waiting to have your stitches removed. Of course, you should always consult with a doctor before committing to any procedures and discuss what treatment options would be best for you to minimize any risks.

Nose Job in Korea – Before & After

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