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K-Pop Double Eyelid

The double eyelid procedure is one of the most well-known plastic surgery procedures in the world. Having balanced double eyelids can make the eyes look bigger while providing a fresher and less sleepy look. This surgery is done either by the non-incision method or the incisional method. The non-incision method requires stitching to be done on the upper part of the eyelid. One issue with this method is that it is not suitable for all cases and that the results may not be permanent.  The incisional method is suitable for all cases and works by creating or re-creating the double eyelid line then using sutures to hold the line in place. The stitches are removed 5-7 days after surgery. Some patients may require removal of excess skin and fat. This is known as upper eyelid blepharoplasty. Others may have too much of their upper eyelid covering their pupil. In this case, they would require ptosis correctly. Ptosis correction fixes the saggy eyelid or sleepy eyelid look. Other patients may not have enough fat between their upper eyelids and their brow bone. These patients would require fat grafting or fat injections to be done. 

There are other procedures that go really well with the double eyelid procedure. If you would like either the medial or lateral sides of your eyes to be wider than medial and lateral canthoplasty (known as epicanthoplasty) can be done. If you have bags or dark circles under your eyes then fat repositioning, fat extraction and fat grafting can be done. If you have wrinkles under or over your eyes then blepharoplasty is a good option. Lastly, if you have wrinkles at the sides of your eyes then a bit of Botox will help for 2-4 months at a time. 


There are many cases where at first it may seem that only one eye should be done. However, doing both eyes will give you the best results. Surgery on just a single eyelid can lead to more imperfection than is necessary.  

The recovery time for double eyelid surgery depends on which double eyelid procedure or procedures you had. The more invasive it is, the longer the swelling and possible bruising it will be. Swelling and bruising tends to rise for 2-3 days after surgery, hit its peak, settle then start to go down. A lot of icing at this point is recommended along with anti-swelling injections and laser light therapy. The swelling and bruising slowly go away and after 3 weeks or so you look much better. Full recovery takes place around the 3 month mark with the final bits of swelling taking up to 6 months. Internal healing can go on as long as 1 year but between 1-3 months you will look great to others. 

Nose Surgery - Rhinoplasty

Nose surgery or Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedures for K-Pop idols and their fans alike. This procedure alters the shape of your nose and can improve functionality. It can be done for medical reasons, such as difficulty breathing or cosmetic reasons. 

To understand how this procedure works, it’s essential to know that the nose has multiple parts; the upper nose bridge made of bone, the lower nose bridge made of cartilage, the sides of the nose bridge made of bone, the nose tip made of cartilage, the columella, the alars and the inner septal area. The areas that need to be improved vary from person to person and thus the type of surgery required is different for each person. Another essential thing to know is that the nose is a middle third of your face and is very prominent as the focal point. The nose has to mathematically match the angles on the lower and the upper third of your face taking into account the relative positions of your eyes, forehead, jaw, lips etc. An improvement in your nose can really positively affect your overall appearance as well as helping you to breath better. Open rhinoplasty is usually done meaning that the incision is made along the columella and is virtually invisible over time. 

The recovery time for this surgery is faster than you might expect. You will usually have a protective splint on your nose for 3-5 days after surgery. You may or may not have packing inside for 2-3 days. Taping usually is done for 1 week after surgery. You can experience bruising under your eyes and swelling around your eyes and on your nose. This improves dramatically fast over the next 2-3 weeks. Around the 3-4 week mark, your nose will look swelled to you but to others it will seem normal. Most swelling goes away around the 3 month mark and full recovery takes place over 3-6 months. Internally healing can last for around 1 year. 

Jaw surgery - Mandible Jaw Reduction Surgery

K-pop stars are often looking to make their faces appear smaller and get a more V shaped look to their jaw lines. . To achieve this, jaw surgery (and cheekbone surgery) can help. 

Jaw surgery is where a doctor will alter your jawline to create a more slim look. A plastic surgeon will operate on your jaw by shaving it down to the wanted shape. This surgery can help people with asymmetry in their jaw and is recommended to be done when the growth process of the jaw stops. This is at 14-16 years old for females (but it is recommended that you wait until at least 21 years old), and for men, this is at 17-21 years old. The surgery can consist of either a short cut along the mandible or a longer cut going towards the jaw. Some patients with strong underbites may qualify for double jaw surgery which is more invasive but provides a larger change.

The recovery time for this surgery is longer than for other procedures. Seoul Guide Medical recommends that you give yourself at least 21 days post surgery in Korea. The bare minimum should be at least 15 days in Korea as you will need to come repeatedly to the clinic for aftercare treatment. Swelling tends to go down around the 2 week point and progressively improve to the 3 month mark. The final last bits of swelling go away after 6 months but internal healing can take up to 1 year.

Cheekbone Reduction - Zygoma Reduction Surgery

K-pop idols often tend to reduce their cheekbones in order to achieve a smaller face look. This is known as zygoma reduction surgery. This procedure alters your cheekbone to create a less broad appearance. 

A plastic surgeon will cut the zygoma bone in this surgery, also known as the cheekbone. Once the needed cuts are made, the bone is rotated and pushed into its new position and excess bone discarded. This creates a much smaller face and is often done with other surgeries such as jaw surgery and genioplasty or chin surgery. These surgeries complement the zygoma reduction and create a better balance to the face shape. Not all patients qualify for all procedures so make sure you speak with an expert Seoul Guide Medical consultant first. 

The recovery with this surgery is less than with jaw surgery but you should still give yourself at least 2 weeks in Korea post surgery if possible. There tends to be less dramatic bruising with this surgery but swelling will proceed for 2-3 days, stabilize then go down over the next 2-3 weeks. At the 3 month mark you are around 90-95% de-swelled with the remainder going down by the 6th month mark.

Chin Surgery - Genioplasty

Chin surgery, also known as genioplasty or mini V-Line surgery, is a procedure where the doctor alters the chin to look more defined or more refined. It’s done to create more symmetry and, therefore, more harmony in your face. The chin can be shaped, slid forwards or backwards and have volume reduced from it. Everyone’s needs are different and thus the kind of cuts needed will be determined during your personalized treatment plan creation by SGM. 

The recovery time for this surgery depends on how you treat the area afterwards. It recovers along the same lines as zygoma reduction but with less bruising and swelling. Any swelling that is there lasts for about 2-3 weeks and comes down quickly. Full recovery happens by the 6 month mark with residual swelling going down to nothing around the 6 month mark. 

Breast augmentation

Having the best figure is vital in the ladies of the K-Pop world. Many idols undergo breast augmentation. Natural-looking and natural-feeling breasts are the most common requested results for those in the K-pop world. 

The first thing to consider when talking about breast augmentation is the kind of implant that is best suited for you. There are round implants which give you more volume at the top of the breast area. There are also anatomically shaped implants which provide a more natural look with the bottom portion of the breast having more volume. There are also top of the line implants (they are more expensive) like Motiva implants which change shape depending on your position. They mimic the natural way breasts move when lying down, bending and standing. The next thing to consider is the placement of the implant. For some people, placing it over the muscle in the chest is less invasive and the results will look great. For others, especially those with less breast tissue to start off with, placing the implants under the muscle is a better strategy. Lastly, the incision location has to be chosen. The most common incision spots are under the breast fold (for larger implants) and in the wrinkles of the armpit area (for medium to smaller implants). You can also place implants through the areola, around the nipple but this is less common. 

Some patients who want a minor change (about half to one cup size in difference) opt for fat grafting or fat transfer to happen. Fat is removed from your belly or the back of your thigh and transferred to the breast area. Usually two fat grafting sessions spread at least 3-4 weeks apart and less than 3 months apart are done. If you are naturally thin and don’t have a lot of fat to start off with, this option may not be for you. Seoul Guide Medical will help you to choose what is right for you during your 1:1 consultation with our experts. 

In some cases where the existing breast tissue has sagged to undesirable levels, a breast lift can be done. Breast lifts are often accompanied by implants even if the patient has a lot of breast tissue naturally. A more desirable shape can be achieved with implants. 

SGM recommends that you are in Korea for a minimum of 15 days post surgery for breast augmentation. If you can stay in Korea for 3 weeks that would be even better. You will have stitches removed after 10-14 days usually. The recovery for breast augmentation is a bit difficult for the first 2-3 days but improves dramatically quickly. Something to note is that due to swelling, patients often like the larger size of the new implants but then when the swelling goes down, they wish they had chosen a larger size to start off with. This is why it is key to trying on different implant sizes under a tight shirt at the clinic during your consultation. The correct size depends on what you want and also on what the doctor recommends. Some sizes may not suit your body correctly and the doctor will inform you of the idea range for your body type. 

Dental Braces and Veneers

Most K-pop stars have awards winning smiles. Those who had the time underwent braces treatment when they were younger. Those who needed their teeth alignment fixed as adults did it via Invisalign or other clear aligner braces systems. Those who did not want to spend 6-36 months with braces opted for porcelain veneers to be done. In top clinics like the Oaks Dental Clinic, you can get the K-pop or Hollywood smile done in as little as 1 day depending on their bookings. 

There are two methods with veneers. The first method (no prep) involves no shaving of the enamel to be done and thin veneers are placed on top of the teeth. This method is only suitable for people that have large gaps between their teeth and have undersized teeth. Most people will qualify for prepped veneers which involves the shaving of the tooth enamel to an inverted triangle of sorts. This allows for proper placement of the veneers. Dr. Chulmin Bae from the Oaks Dental Clinic explains, “Veneers should be done in pairs. You can get sets of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc. The minimum amount of veneers should be the number of teeth that appear in your visible smile line. You can look at yourself in the mirror, smile normally with an open smile and count the number of teeth that you see”. There is no recovery for this treatment. Once they are placed, you are good to go. Veneers last on average 12 years but it depends on how well you take care of your teeth. They could last a lot longer or shorter depending on your dental health.

What’s Next?

At Seoul Guide Medical, we have helped K-pop stars and their fans alike to improve their looks. Although you are beautiful the way you are, it can give you increased self-confidence, and even boost your career. 

SGM makes sure you get the best clinics and to the best doctors to achieve that K-Pop look! Together with the plastic surgeons, dentists, aestheticians, and whoever you need, we can set up the perfect, customized treatment plan for you. 

At Seoul Guide Medical, our motto is “Happy patients, always.” To make sure we live up to the motto, we start getting involved from the first moment we contact you. We schedule a free online consultation to discuss your wants and needs and develop different treatment plans. Together with you, we choose the right option that suits your desires. After this, the consultation with the clinics, the appointment(s), and all the way into the surgery room, we’re here for you: helping and advising you where possible.

After the procedure, we’re right at your side when you wake up and go with you to the aftercare appointments. This article features different procedures, so the amount of aftercare can differ per procedure, but we will be there whenever you need us. 

For any additional questions or to make an appointment with our excellent staff, you can contact us with the following information.


What Are The Costs of The Surgeries?

We don’t provide costs for the surgeries because everybody is different and their wants and needs as well. Set prices are difficult to give since the price depends on several factors, such as the complexity of your case, the doctor’s level, and the clinic’s level. 

We give some price ranges, but even those are vast and don’t give an actual price. For exact costs, it’s better to contact us through one of the many ways, and together with the treatment plan, we can then give you a price customized to your unique case. 

For some price ranges, it’s best to go to the articles we already have written, such as Genioplasty, Rhinoplasty, Jaw surgery,and Cheekbone Reduction.

Which Surgery Do K-pop Idols Have The Most?

Plastic surgeries K-Pop Idols have the most are:

  • double eyelids
  • rhinoplasty
  • V-line (jaw, chin and zygoma)
  • veneers

What Are The Best Ways To Minimize the Recovery Time?

To minimize the recovery time, you should:

  • eat healthy (a plant based diet is a winner)
  • exercise
  • follow all aftercare instructions

How Much Time Do I Need in Korea for Surgery?

It depends on what surgery you had but normally about 10-21 days.

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