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A love band surgery is a new kind of cosmetic procedure that restores radiance and youthfulness to the eyes. The eyes are considered to be the most expressive facial feature that we have. However, if you have flat under-eyes, it may convey other expressions opposite to the ones you want to show. Today, anything that has to do with looking young is what’s trending. So if you have under-eyes that dull your expression, then maybe it’s time to get a love band surgery. 

What is Love Band Surgery?

love band, also known as an eye love band, is commonly referred to in South Korea as an aegyo-sal, which translates to “cute skin.” This is a cosmetic procedure that improves the fullness of the lower eyelid appearance by mimicking that of a newborn’s. These rolls in the lower eyelid differ from an eye bag through its location. A love band is located right below the lashes, while eye bags are limited to the tear ducts beneath the eyelids. Having an aegyo-sal gives off a youthful and warm appearance, most notably when smiling. However, not all people are born with love bands. This is why some people, most especially Koreans and other Asian nationalities that have flat lower eyelids, undergo the procedure. Not only has this become popular in Korea, but also in other countries like the US, where there is a considerable number of Asians who are living in the area. 

Three methods can be used in creating a love band in the lower eyelid, namely, the filler method (temporary), fat grafting (semi-permanent), and the use of the Acellular Dermal Matrix (permanent). The patient has the freedom to choose which method to use depending on their preference regarding the recovery period and the permanence of the result. 

  • Filler method

This method involves a hyaluronic acid-based gel. The gel is injected in the lower eyelid to create volume. The result of this method is temporary because the body absorbs hyaluronic acid over time. Thus, this will only last about six months to one year before you should have another filler treatment. This method is the most recommended since you can dissolve the filler if ever you do not like the results.  

  • Fat grafting

This method is considered semi-permanent and uses the fat that has been taken from other parts of the body like the thigh, belly, or buttocks. The result can last longer than a filler. However, since the body can reabsorb the fat, it can also make the results less visible after a couple of months to a year. A touch up may be needed in the future. 

  • Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM)

SSADM is a banked artificial dermis that was extracted from the human’s dermis layer through a cadaver or donor. This is screened for disease and is sterilized for use. This method gives the patient a permanent result since, unlike fat grafting and fillers, the artificial tissue cannot be absorbed by the human skin.

Love Band Surgery Procedure

A licensed plastic surgeon can create a love band within 30 minutes to an hour. Depending on the method to be performed, local anesthesia or topical anesthesia is administered on the patient before the start of the procedure. 

  • Filler method 
  1. Your doctor will apply topical anesthesia to the under-eye area where the filler will be injected.
  2. They then use a syringe containing the HA filler and inject it in the under-eye area just below the under eyelid.
  3. An aegyo-sal is visibly seen right after the procedure and may have swelling that will only last for 2-3 days. 
  • Fat grafting
  1. They administer local anesthesia to the patient and sometimes pair it with IV sedation when necessary. 
  2. Fat is then taken from the belly, hips, buttocks, or thigh through liposuction. 
  3. They then place the harvested fats in a centrifugal separator to purify fat cells. 
  4. Purified fat cells are then inserted in a syringe and injected to the patient’s lower eyelid. 
  5. The swelling will still be visible after the procedure, but it will subside after 2-3 days. 
  • Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM) 
  1. The doctor administers local anesthesia with sedation to the patient before the start of the procedure. 
  2. They then mark the area where the incision will be made so that it can serve as their guide during the surgery. 
  3. They make an incision of about 2-3mm in the lower area of the eyes. 
  4. The doctor then inserts the artificial dermis graft and secures it in place. 
  5. After the artificial dermis has been placed in the proper position, they suture the incision with 2-3 stitches. 
  6. The swelling will be gone after 2-3 days, and the incision will heal within two weeks. 

Love Band Surgery Recovery

The duration for the recovery after having a love band surgery depends on the method that was used. A common factor, regardless of the method, is that there will be swelling and possibly bruising after the procedure. This typically lasts for two to three days. For surgical incisions, it may take a week or two for it to heal completely. If needed, the doctor will give you prescriptive oral medication for pain that will help ease discomfort if there is any once you leave the clinic. If you had a filler method, you are allowed to go back to work the next day, but make sure that you avoid strenuous activities for a day. On the other hand, if you had a fat grafting or ADM, you may be advised to have a week off from work and vigorous activities until the surgical area has healed.         

Love Band Surgery Before and After

A love band can do so much to the appearance of the eyes and the whole face itself. It adds brightness and allows the person to convey the right emotions. Just like the before and after picture below, it is evident that the patient’s eyes have been enhanced significantly by the procedure. From dull and neutral looking eyes to a more expressive one. 

love band surgery before and after

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In conclusion, getting a love band does not need a complicated procedure since the methods involved are quick and not too invasive. The recovery period for the procedure only takes a couple of days to two weeks, and you can go back to your daily activities right after having the procedure. Unlike other plastic surgery procedures, you can choose as to which method is more convenient on your part. It also helps that the results of the technique can be ranked from temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent. This way, the patient is not only given a chance to decide based on the pain scale and recovery period but also based on how long they want the results to last. Based on the before and after picture, the surgery is effective enough in creating a love band on someone who wants a more vibrant appearance.

Now that you know all the basics of a love band surgery, what are you waiting for? Get that aegyo-sal that you have always desired in South Korea by contacting Seoul Guide Medical through our website. With our surgeons who do thousands of eyelid surgeries every year, we assure you that you are in good hands. 


How would I know if I need love band surgery?

You may need to have a love band surgery if you want to enhance and brighten your lower eyelid because it tends to look dull and gloomy. Another way to know if you need to undergo this surgery is if your lower eyelids are flat and do not change even when you are smiling.

Is love band surgery permanent?

The permanence of a love band surgery depends mostly on the method you choose. Filler and fat grafting methods are temporary and semi-permanent, respectively, while the ADM method is permanent.

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