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Intracel Treatment in Korea is a standard skin treatment, which originated from the country itself. Knowing how Koreans are particular when it comes to achieving brighter and healthier skin, this treatment can combat the signs of aging as well as the common issues of acne and scarring.

A lot of people have these problems, may it be old or young, and most times it is impossible to treat them with skincare. If you are one of those people who has been shelling out vast sums of money to get rid of acne, scarring, and wrinkles, but nothing is working at all, then an Intracel treatment might be for you. 

What is Intracell Treatment?

INTRAcel is a trademarked brand of radiofrequency microneedling device by Jeisys Co. in Seoul, South Korea. The device has 49 insulated microneedles that deliver energy into the skin tissues within a matter of 0.04-0.1 seconds. The needles used in the INTRAcel device have an insulated coating, except for the 0.3 mm at the tip where the thermal energy is released; through this, the surface of the skin is preserved. Therefore it does not require any downtime and reduces the risks of side effects due to the rejuvenation done in the dermal layer. 

The most updated INTRAcel treatment device includes three platforms, namely, monopolar fractional microneedling (FRM-monopolar), bipolar fractions microneedling (FRM-bipolar), and the minimally invasive superficial RF rejuvenation (SRR). These platforms are considered safe and are suitable for every skin type. For best results, you should at least undergo 3-4 treatments spaced within four to six weeks because that is the time needed for collagen to regenerate. 

What is RF Microneedling?

Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling are non-invasive devices that use high-intensity radiofrequency to treat underlying tissues of the skin. The tool uses insulated needles that deliver the radiofrequency waves into the dermis through controlled heat energy. Because of this, it does not do damage to the surface of the skin, making it safer than the traditional microneedling treatments. This, in turn, aids in the regeneration of collagen and elastin, causing the skin to improve in quality, texture, and appearance. 

What are the Benefits of Getting Intracel Treatment?

The appearance of the skin is one way to tell how healthy the person is, and through Intracel treatments, the youthful appearance of the skin is improved inside and out. Another reason to undergo an Intracel treatment is because of the benefits it offers, such as:

  • Regeneration of collagen and elastin, which are the building blocks of a healthy skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles and scars 
  • Reduction of pore size 
  • Improves skin’s elasticity and health 
  • No downtime or lengthy recovery required 
  • Comforts of a non-invasive procedure 
  • The fast and comfortable treatment procedure 
  • Long-lasting results 

How is Intracel Treatment Done?

Getting an Intracel treatment can do a lot to improve the health of your skin in one quick and non-invasive procedure. It will only take 30-60 minutes of your time to eliminate scarring, acne, wrinkles, and rejuvenate your skin. To make sure that you are comfortable during the whole process, the doctor will apply topical anesthesia on the area being treated, which will take effect after 40 minutes to an hour. Once the anesthesia takes effect, your doctor will start the treatment. 

  1. Your doctor will place the handpiece of the Intracel device over the area that requires treatment. 
  2. The microneedles will then come out of the handpiece to penetrate the skin. 
  3. Once the needles have penetrated the skin, it will release the radio frequency into the dermis. 
  4. When the device has given off the sufficient radio frequency into the skin, the needles are withdrawn, and the handpiece is moved to another area of the treatment site until it has been adequately treated. 

For you to see how Intracel Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling works in improving your skin, watch this video from the manufacturer of the device, Jeisys Co.

Intracell Treatment Before and After

The treatment of the skin using the RF microneedling in Intracel is proven to be safe and effective in reducing and eliminating acne scars and wrinkles. In two different studies involving the use of fractional RF microneedling, it showed an improvement in treating acne scars and wrinkles on the face after having at most four sessions. You can see the results in the pictures below. Through the treatment, the patients’ faces have gone several steps closer to having a smoother, healthier, and tighter looking skin. 

Intracel treatment device was made by Jeisys Co., a South Korean company. This treatment uses radiofrequency microneedling technology to treat from the deeper layers of the skin. Through the energy from the microneedles, the production of elastin and collagen is triggered, thus improving the skin’s texture, appearance, and quality. 

There are several benefits that the treatment can give, and one is the non-invasiveness of the procedure as well as the fast recovery. Given that the treatment itself is quick, it is such a wonder that it can produce positive and significant changes in the skin, as seen in the before and after pictures. 

Now that you know about the Intracel treatment and the wonders it can do to your skin, you can stop trying out skincare that promises results. Instead, book an appointment for an Intracel treatment in your preferred clinic’s website and get that smoother, tighter, and healthier skin that you have always been aspiring for. 


Is Intracell Treatment safe?

Intracel treatment is entirely safe as long as you have it done by a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who uses FDA approved technology for the procedure. If you are worried about the radio frequency used in the treatment, then we assure you that it is not a thing to be for you to be concerned about. This is because you are exposed to different radio frequency devices every day like cellphones, TV, Wifi, and many more. However, the RF used in Intracel treatments is not as intense as those found in microwaves and radar equipment. Instead, RF is controlled for Intracel devices in which the temperature only reaches a certain level for collagen regeneration without the dangers of overheating and damaging the skin.

How long do Intracel results last?

The results of an Intracel treatment usually lasts up to two years, depending on your skin type and the number of sessions you underwent.

Is RF Microneedling better than Microneedling?

RF microneedling is genuinely better than the traditional microneedling. This is because RF microneedling uses radiofrequency to treat the skin more profoundly than just microneedling. Through the radio frequency that reaches the dermis, tightening of the skin and elimination of scars are quicker and much more dramatically visible.

Are Intracell Treatment results permanent?

Results of the Intracel treatment are not considered as permanent because of the continuation of the aging process. For this matter, to maintain your desired results, it is advised that you undergo maintenance treatments every couple of years.

For whom is intracell treatment recommended?

Intracel treatment is suitable for all skin types, but only those who need the treatment and pass the medical qualifications can undergo the procedure. The treatment is best for the following: Individuals who are mentally and physically in good health Individuals who do not have skin infections Individuals who have limited time for the recovery and therefore cannot have a surgical procedure Individuals who want to get rid of lines and wrinkles Individuals who wish to tackle pigmentation and scar issues Individuals who wish to reduce the size of their pores.

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